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Toroidal Transformers

A Toroidal Transformer is :


  • More efficient

  • Smaller size

  • Flexible dimensions

  • Lower magnetic field level

  • Lower weight


An Autotransformer has the following advantages than a Transformer : 


  • Cheaper

  • Lighter

  • Smaller


The disadvantage is that not providing electrical  isolation .

EI Conventional Transformers

An EI Conventional Transformer is :


  • Economy solution

  • A Classic solution for the most of applications

  • Ideal for low voltage and high ampere windings 

Output Tube Transformers

We manufacture Output tube transformers in Toroidal and EI cores.


  • Single Ended ( Only on EI Transformers)

  • Push Pull / UL

  • Parallel Push Pull / UL 

  • Parallel Single Ended

  • Class A, AB ... etc

  • Open Type

  • Enclosure Type

Three Phase Transformers

 We manufacture Three Phase Power Transformers for industry use :


  • 500VA to 15kVA

  • 50Hz to 400Hz




We manufacture custom chokes with core and without core. A choke is an inductor used to block higher-frequency (AC) in an electrical circuit, while passing lower-frequency or direct current (DC).

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