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Toroidal Power Transformers

  • From 30VA to 2,5kVA 

       ( Our Standard range is from 50VA - 2000VA) 

  • Electrostatic shield

  • Magnetic shields 

  • Frequency from 47 Hz until 400 Hz 

  • Custom Design Toroidal Transformers for OEM Applications


- We have the capability to design any transformer dimension to meet our customers needs.


- Except our standard range of cores from 50VA until 2000VA we can design a new core suitable for your application in more or less VA . 



- The electrostatic shield is simply a grounded single turn of conductive nonferrous foil placed between coils to divert primary noise to ground. A transformer with electrostatic shields is used for power supplies for sensitive equipment such as Tube Amplifiers laboratory instruments and for medical use. An isolation transformer is designed to address the problems associated with referencing its internal shields to ground.


- The magnetic shield is necessary for sensitive in magnetic field equipment. We have two different ways of magnetic shield :  


1) With a metallic stripe ( from the same material of the core ) in the perimeter of the transformer.



2) We can make the transformer potted into a metallic round box . This practise is also a very good solution for great design. Usually is used for transformers in tube amplifiers.

- We have two different fastening methods :



 1) With metal ring having a seal at the bottom of the transformer and one at the topunder the washer. 

2)  With Potted Center or potted on metal box like in the above pic.

Here you can see our standard range with dimensions and weight.

Download the file :

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