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We have a long experience in toroidal transformers.

We are specialized in audio power transformers . We produce also potted transformers from 50VA to 2.5kVA.




Our production is based to custom made transformers under customers demands. We are specialized to audio grade transformers. 

Custom made Transformers

Our Products

Discover our production range and design. All transformers are custom made. We use materials in excellent quality. The selection of raw material become very carefully.

Options for Audio Transformers 

Copper Screen

A copper electrostatic shield between the primary and secondary windings. The shield is grounded and reduse the noise from the primary to secondary.

Tinned Cables

Under customers demand we install tinned Cross-linked cables.

Magnetic Shield

Magnetic shielding intended to solve the problem of low frequency electromagnetic disturbance.


Giatras Transformers Founded by Timotheos Giatras. Production of EI power transformers, electric motor windings and repairs.

1978 - 1984

Massive and exclusively production of EI transformers. Transformers was made for lighting, isolation, step down and step up aplications.

1985 - 1989

Starting point for Toroidal Transformers. The first set of toroidal machine was installed . Until the end of decade the toroidal transformers were almost the 80% of the production line.

1990 - 1998

The 1999 was the first year for design audio grade transformers. Step by step we have gained a lot of experience in the audio transformer field. Today almost the 70% percent of our production is for audio transformers. 

1999 - today

About us

Our Company Founded in 1978 by Timotheos Giatras and engaged in production of conventional EI transformers and electric motor repairs. Since 1985, we are dedicated exclusively to the production of transformers. In 1990 entered in the field of toroidal transformers. 

Our products and services are characterized for their high quality and design. We are specialized to High End audio transformers. All raw materials distinguished by their high quality . 

Phone Number

+302109586562 / +302109511514

34-36 Kremou St. 

Kallithea 176 76

 Athens, Greece

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