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There is a standard range of core designs from 30VA to 2.5kVA.
On demand we can design a core in different dimensions and power.
We can design and produce a transformer until 5kVA.
Custom Design Toroidal Transformers for OEM Applications
We have the ability to make several windings and taps on primary and secondary.

There are the following options :

- Electrostatic shield ( Copper foil tape )
- Magnetic shield
- Metal round cap ( Potted )
( Caps are availiable from 30VA to 2.5kVA Transformers )
- Potted center for supporting
- Fastening kit
- Tinned Cables
- Finish with black polyester
- Finish with clear polyester

We are specialized to audio transformers.
Audio grade transformers have excellent acoustic characteristics, excellent performance and silent design .

We accept orders form one item. We have no minimum quantity

In the following file you will find the dimensions of our standard range.
All products are made under request.

Download the file :

Abstract Lines

Toroidal Transformers

- More efficient
- Smaller size
- Flexible dimensions
- Lower magnetic field level
- Lower weight

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